Maracas Presbyterian Primary School


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Striving for Excellence through a Holistic Educational Approach

Maracas Presbyterian Primary School is a where pupils are well disciplined and perform at their maximum potential in academics, aesthetics and sports

Maracas Presbyterian Primary School aims to nurture students to realize their maximum potential, thereby rendering them capable of making a worthy contribution to society through their intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development.

School Goals

  • To develop social, cognitive and critical thinking skills among pupils.

  • To provide a variety of learning experiences for its pupil in alignment with the school's prescribed curriculum.

  • To encourage pupils to become fluent readers.

  • To maintain a safe and harmonious working environment.

  • To ensure that pupils acknowledge the presence of a supreme being.

  • To practise responsible decision making skills.

  • To ensure that all pupils are emotionally happy.

  • To ensure ensure that all pupils are academically balanced.

  • To develop and enhance teachers' competencies in alternate forms of assessments, methodologies in the teaching of creative writing, comprehension and literacy skills.

Core Values

  • Excellence - Striving for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of their learning.

  • Respect - Having regard for oneself and others and accepting the rights of others to hold different or opposing views.

  • Responsibility - Being accountable for one's actions, towards other and the environment.

  • Success - Having the resilience to succeed in the face of adversities.

  • Hard Work - Dedication and commitment to excel in all aspects of school's life.

  • Honesty - Being truthful in words and actions.

  • Spirituality - Acknowledging the presence of a Superior Being.

  • Caring - Concern and Love for each other and the environment.

  • Patriotism - Demonstrating love and care for one's country.

  • Politeness - Showing consideration for others.

  • Fair-play - Treating each other with fairness.